Til Its Gone – Animated Music Video by The Foshays

Garage pop-rock motion comic. The Foshays first single. A wall of sound hook with bratty lyrics and cool motion graphics!


2018’s Cheapest ThunderBolt External SSD Drive Recommendation

Declining solid-state memory prices are helping to bring downright cheap ThunderBolt SSD external backup drives to a market that has usually charged a stiff price premium compared to USB3 storage. Here’s our recommendation for a very affordable 240Gb or 480GB SSD Thunderbolt storage solution.

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Super-Fast Flash Memory Storage Recommendations For Macs

Review, shop and buy the fastest flash memory storage options for Apple computers. Solid-State backup hardware for Mac include USB thumb drives, Secure Digital SD – SDHC and SDXC cards, or DIY SSD ThunderBolt, USB 3.0 and USB-C drives and enclosures using SATA or PCIe SSD modules of your choosing. http://www.drivesformac.com

With prices recently collapsing on flash memory modules, higher capacity and more affordable Apple compatible solid-state memory peripherals are rapidly displacing conventional spinning platter storage – with far faster read/write speeds and increased reliability and endurance.


Online Automated Article Generator For Mac

Mac Friendly Instant Automatic Blog Post Writing Software

Desiring a method to lessen the agony of writing or using outside agencies for essay writing projects? Articoolo is a state of the art algorithmic / computer generated content (AGC) – (CGC) app that is able to write one-of-a-kind, proofread, good quality crafted web content in under 3 minutes. 

You ought to try Articoolo’s automated SEO article writing application that can deliver accurately written web content in minutes minimizing expenses and waits. By imitating a human writer, articles of up to 500 words are able to be produced from a seed thematic keyword phrase.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) algos, Articoolo is expert at gathering related content, rephrasing it, and structuring it into separate paragraphs. In a second phase of processing, it evaluates and corrects the text’s syntax and spelling, then takes care of a CopyScape check prior to completing the document.

When its done, you’re presented a blurred sneak peek which reveals a few of the sentences plainly (typically just one for each paragraph) so that one can analyze the quality and nature of the article before you decide to purchase it. It only costs you if and when you decide to purchase the article. It’s then that the full content of the content is disclosed. One can then save the article to your computer, print it or email it to a coworker.

Articoolo is an agnostic SaaS cloud application accessible from any web connected computing platform. You’re free to use Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, or even Android and is operational through any website browser you are partial to.

A free Articoolo plug-in for WordPress is also available that enables web masters to have access to the article generating tool and rapidly create and post thematically relevant content to their website, right from their WordPress control panel.

The Assessment: For many of my blogging content writing requirements, Articoolo has been a windfall. It’s particularly useful for adding in supplementary, topically relevant paragraphs to otherwise Thin Content product webpages.