Apple Dictation Marketing : A New Way To Blog, Write Articles And Post

Using Dictation For Internet MarketingWith Apple’s dictation software just a double-tap of the FN function key away – Many bloggers, article and internet marketers are saving a lot of time blogging and writing articles, composing Tweets and social posts VERBALLY using Mac speech recognition. Mac dictation marketing can be a huge time saver – and help you write high-quality content.

The average person can speak three to five times faster than they can type. If article marketing tasks or writing blog posts is getting you bogged-down, consider dictating them instead. You’ll find it easier to write longer, SEO-friendly posts with higher word counts which the search engines love, and you’ll likely find it also changes your writing STYLE in advantageous ways that can resonate with readers and potential customers. Without the mechanics of typing involved, you may find your ‘voice’ more conversational and appealing to readers.

Armed with a good USB headset or well-positioned desktop microphone connected to your Mac – you’ll be surprised how responsive and accurate OSX dictation can be the first time you use it. Unlike speech recognition apps of the past, you don’t need to pre-train the software to recognize your particular speaking and pronunciation style at all.

Of course, there will be a bit of manual proofreading and editing after any speech to text session to get things ‘just-so’ and ready for online publishing.


Apple OSX Dictation Services – Smarter Than You Think

Apple Speech To Text When Apple first introduced OSX dictation services in OSX Mountain Lion – it was online only, requiring an active internet connection to even use it. Short bursts of speech were transmitted up to Apple’s cloud for translation, then the results sent back to your computer. It was workable – and surprisingly accurate – but very basic and s.l.o.w.

Later versions allow Enhanced Mode – where you downloaded a system file to your MacBook or Macintosh desktop that now enable you to work without an internet connection and also allows continuous dictate mode without the limits and delays. Keep talking and it keeps up.

There’s also far many more spoken punctuation, formatting and document navigation commands available now to manage your Speech-To-Text session with far more control. You can find and enable these additional commands in the ACCESSIBILITY > DICTATION section of System Prefs.