Need A New Apple Compatible Dictation Headset?

headphonesI need a new Mac compatible speech recognition headset. My Logitech USB headset melted when I put it on my desk lamp and it wrecked the ear cup. So I’m trying out my ancient Sony DR-BT22A Bluetooth wireless headset to test dictation accuracy while my air conditioner and the fan right next to me are running full blast. It seems to be working barely not okay. To many interpretation errors – at least in a noisy environment.

Unless you buy real modern Bluetooth 4.0 headset with HD high definition audio codec’s, 5 year old one’s like this Sony aren’t very ideal for Apple dictation. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that Bluetooth was a good choice for speech recognition. But even Dragon Systems and Plantronics have select Bluetooth microphone headsets that they now recommend and support for voice recognition needs.



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